The ACLU of Massachusetts has filed hundreds of public records requests with various city, state, and federal agencies. On this page, you’ll find requests and responsive documents. These are public records, so please use them however you see fit.

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TitleSubmitted ToCategoryNumber of DocumentsYear FiledDate Published
Federal Funds for the BRIC and OEMCity of BostonLaw Enforcement3220202020-07-22
DEA and FBI Face Surveillance RecordsFederal & State Law EnforcementSurveillanceOngoing production20192020-06-17
MA Dept. of Public Health COVID-19 Response
Massachusetts Department of HealthPublic Health520202020-05-07
Face Recognition in Revere Public SchoolsRevere Public SchoolsSurveillance2220192020-02-19
Massachusetts Traffic Citations (Temporarily Removed)Massachusetts Department of TransportationLaw Enforcement620192020-02-13
State Audit of Bristol SheriffBristol County Sheriff’s OfficeLaw Enforcement106920192019-12-05
Use of Robotics in Law EnforcementMassachusetts State PoliceLaw Enforcement720192019-11-25
Boston Police Department Collaboration with ICEBoston Police DepartmentImmigration1020192019-10-26
Towing Profits by Massachusetts Dept. of Public UtilitiesMassachusetts Department of Public UtilitiesLaw Enforcement1020192019-09-27
Surveillance Cameras and Associated Technologies in the Metro Boston AreaBoston Office of Emergency ManagementSurveillance220192019-09-04
Records Regarding Face Surveillance TechnologyNorthampton Police DepartmentSurveillance1520192019-06-27
Minutes from Boston Area Homeland Security MeetingsBoston Metro Homeland Security RegionLaw Enforcement2520182019-06-25
Plymouth Police Face Surveillance EmailsPlymouth Police DepartmentSurveillance320182019-05-06
SWAT Team Deployments ↗Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement CouncilLaw Enforcement11920122019-03-18
Boston Police Filming Protesters at BPDA meetingBoston Police DepartmentSurveillance220172018-07-19
Massachusetts Use of Facial Recognition TechnologyMassachusetts State PoliceSurveillance620172018-07-19
New Bedford Field Interrogation and Observation ReportsNew Bedford Police DepartmentLaw Enforcement1720152018-07-19
Social Media Monitoring by Boston PoliceBoston Police DepartmentSurveillance320162018-07-10
Administrative Subpoena Use by District AttorneysVarious Commonwealth District Attorney'sSurveillance3120172018-07-09
Drone Use by Boston Police DepartmentBoston Police DepartmentSurveillance420172018-07-09
Info about First Responder Network AuthorityMassachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & SecuritySurveillance1520152018-06-19
Short-Term Detention and Cooperation with CBP and DHSWilmington Police DepartmentLaw Enforcement720152018-06-19
Info about Metropolitan Law Enforcement CouncilMetropolitan Law Enforcement CouncilLaw Enforcement920152018-06-19
Regional Interagency Mutual Aid Organizations Between Law EnforcementVarious Commonwealth Police DepartmentsLaw Enforcement1220142018-06-19
Mass DOT's Use of Facial Recognition TechnologyMassachusetts Executive Office of TransportationSurveillance620142018-06-19
Administrative Subpoena Use Across the CommonwealthAttorney General & District Attorney OfficesSurveillance4420132018-06-19
National Guard Resources and RecordsMassachusetts National GuardLaw Enforcement520132018-06-19
Relationship Between Police and Drug Enforcement AdministrationVarious Commonwealth Police DepartmentsLaw Enforcement1520132018-06-19
Procurement for Urban Areas Security InitiativeBoston Office of Emergency ManagementSurveillance2920132018-06-19
Information about Joint Terrorism Task Force and Todashev CaseFBILaw Enforcement3420132018-06-19
Information about Joint Terrorism Task Force & Todashev CaseUS Attorney for MassachusettsLaw Enforcement2920132018-06-19
SWAT & Special Ops Deployment HistoryVarious Commonwealth Police DepartmentsLaw Enforcement3820132018-06-12
Surveillance Technology in SchoolsVarious Commonwealth Public SchoolsSurveillance2820102018-06-12
Asset Forfeiture by Suffolk County District AttorneySuffolk District AttorneyLaw Enforcement920152018-06-11
Passenger Tracking InformationMBTA & Transit PoliceSurveillance1320122018-06-11
Information About DoD 1033 ProgramMassachusetts State PoliceLaw Enforcement720122018-06-11
Use of Administrative SubpoenasVarious Commonwealth District Attorney'sLaw Enforcement5720112018-06-11
Use of Automatic License Plate ReadersMassachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & SecurityLaw Enforcement6620112018-06-11
Surveillance of Protected ActivityBoston Police DepartmentLaw Enforcement820112018-06-11
Obtaining Historical Cell Phone Location DataVarious Commonwealth Police DepartmentsSurveillance1720112018-06-11
Use of Facial Recognition TechnologiesVarious Commonwealth Police DepartmentsLaw Enforcement3820102018-06-11
TSA Use of Screening TechnologiesTransportation Security AdministrationSurveillance5220102018-06-11
Purchase Info from Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI)Office of Emergency PreparednessLaw Enforcement4620102018-06-11
Information About the Joint Terrorism Task ForceUS Attorney for MassachusettsLaw Enforcement8920092018-06-11
EOPSS Fusion Center Intelligence Sharing InformationMassachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & SecurityLaw Enforcement920102018-06-11
EOPSS Fusion Center InformationMassachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & SecurityLaw Enforcement4920052018-06-11
Officer Barry Flanders & Cooperation with the JTTFFederal & State Law EnforcementLaw Enforcement020022018-06-11