The ACLU of Massachusetts filed a public records request in June 2020 with the City of Boston seeking information about federal funding to the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) and the Boston Office of Emergency Management (OEM). The request, filed in the midst of national racial reckoning in the wake of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police, aimed to reveal more information about the financial forces supporting policing in the greater Boston area. The City’s response details years of OEM and BRIC funding via federal Homeland Security Grant Program (HGSP) Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grants, as well as included detailed expense reports for both BRIC and OEM between 2017 and 2020.

Request Submitted To City of Boston
Category Law Enforcement
Year Filed 2020
Number of Documents Received 32

Responsive Documents

# File Name Description File Type File Size
1 EOPSS_FEMA email query points of contact EOPSS FEMA points of contact PDF 38 KB
2 BRIC Expenditures 2017-2020 BRIC expenses from 2017-2020 PDF 94 KB
3 OEM Expenditures 2017 – 2020 OEM expenses from 2017-2020 PDF 1.1 MB
4 Key Terms Key for reading expense reports (items 2 & 3) PDF  176 KB
5 FY 2017 IJ – MA – Boston Urban Area FY 2017 HSGP/UASI Investment Justification PDF 329 KB
6 FY 2018 Investment Justification – MA – Boston Urban Area FY 2018 HSGP/UASI Investment Justification PDF 3479 KB
7 FY 2019 Investment Justification – GRT Submission FY 2019 HSGP/UASI Investment Justification PDF 475 KB
8 FY 2020 Investment Justification – MA – Boston Urban Area (1) FY 2020 HSGP/UASI Investment Justification PDF 553 KB
9 JPOC Documents 12 documents from Metro Boston Homeland Security Region (MBHSR) Jurisdictional Point of Contact (JPOC) committee meetings;, including meeting notes and final grant allocations ZIP 946 KB
10 FY17 FEMA HSGP/UASI Notice of Funding Opportunity 2017 (2 documents) ZIP 1 MB
11 FY18 FEMA HSGP/UASI Notice of Funding Opportunity 2018 (3 documents) ZIP 2.1 MB
12 FY19 FEMA HSGP/UASI Notice of Funding Opportunity 2019 (3 documents) ZIP 8 MB
13 FY20 FEMA HSGP/UASI Notice of Funding Opportunity 2020 (4 documents) ZIP 1.3 MB