On August 26, 2021, The ACLU of Massachusetts filed a public records request with the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) seeking information about the use of automation and artificial intelligence tools in the unemployment insurance identity verification process, including facial recognition technology. The request also sought specific information about the relationship between DUA and the company, which obtained a state contract to perform identify verification for the agency during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Request Submitted To Department of Unemployment Assistance
Category Surveillance
Year Filed 2021
Number of Documents Received 24

Responsive Documents

# File Name Description File Type File Size
1 CommonwealthTermsAndConditions 10 25 19 Commonwealth Terms and Conditions PDF 2 MB
2 FIVS Change Order FIVS Change Order PDF 837 KB
3 FY21 ID ME CT FY21 contract PDF 2 MB
4 IDme SCOPE JUSTIFICATION Scope Justification PDF  101 KB
5 LexisNexis Accurint Subscription LexisNexis Accurint Subscription PDF 2 MB
6 MA EOLWD SOW IDme FINAL LWD 2-5-21 Describes project and roles between and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) PDF 253 KB
7 Cover Emails Cover emails regarding launch PDF 126 KB
8 Disqualification Letters Setting Forth Appeal Rights and Related Records Disqualification Letters Setting Forth Appeal Rights and Related records PDF 3 MB
9 eDIS0003352_S47_Portfolio Portfolio emails PDF 600 KB
10 ENGLISH identity verification notice from DUA PDF 255 KB
11 FAQ_ID_me_2021.03.05 FAQ regarding PDF 164 KB
12 info- 3-3-21 information sheet 3/3/2021 PDF 328 KB
13 letter for existing claimants letter for existing claimants PDF 94 KB
14 IDH Participation Agreement Amendment Integrity Data Hub (IDH) participation agreement amendment PDF 3 MB 
15 Integrity Data Hub (IDH) Participation Agreement Integrity Data Hub (IDH) participation agreement PDF 530 KB 
16 Intro to ID ME- 2-24-21 information sheet 2/24/2021 PDF 325 KB
17 Order to Show Cause – IDV Examples Order to Show Cause – IDV Examples PDF 585 KB 
18 Response to MA DUA Public Records Request Response to MA DUA public records request – email from to DUA regarding and claimant statistics PDF 147 KB
19 SSA – DUA Agreement Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act Agreement between Social Security Administration and EOLWD, DUA PDF 448 KB
20 DUA_FIVS_Export_FSD_v3_1 FIVS-DUA Export Interface TD 5195 and 5203 Functional Specifications Document Version 3.1 PDF 236 KB
21 DUA_FIVS_Export_Updates_FSD_v1_6 FIVS-DUA Export Updates Interface TD 5203 Functional Specifications Document Version 1.6 PDF 156 KB
22 EOLWD Invoice 2021COVIDDUAVERI01 March 11 2021 EOLWD Invoice March 11, 2021 PDF 130 KB
23 ID ME INC INVOICE APPROVAL Inc Invoice Approval PDF 430 KB
24 TD_5192_FIVS_DUA_Import_File_FSD_v2_0 FIVS-DUA Import Interface TD 5192 Functional Specifications Document PDF  198 KB