In 2019, we filed a public records request with the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security seeking information related to the agency’s procurement of technology from the company DataWorks Plus.

Request Submitted To Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
Category Surveillance
Year Filed 2019
Number of Documents Received 7

They said…

Responsive Documents

# File Name File Type File Size
1 Dataworks Signed Contract_Redacted PDF 230.3 KB
2 PO 2019DATAWU07EPS10461_Redacted PDF 311.9 KB
3 2019DATAWU07POL20735_Redacted PDF 4.0 MB
4 2020DATAWU10POL20420_Redacted PDF 361.5 KB
5 2016DATAWU07CLAB2339_Redacted PDF 195.4 KB
6 2019DATAWU10CLAB0580_Redacted PDF 346.2 KB
7 2018DATAWU07EPS10593_Redacted PDF 225.4 KB