In 2019, we filed a public records request with the City of Boston, seeking information about its contracts with the company BriefCam, a manufacturer of video analytics technology.

Request Submitted To City of Boston
Category Surveillance
Year Filed 2019
Number of Documents Received 7

Responsive Documents

# File Name File Type File Size
1 Briefcam Proposal FINAL II PDF 391.4 KB
2 U18.2.2_P_703342 PDF 48.2 KB
3 U18.2.2_C_48309 PDF 9.8 MB
4 U18.2.2_I_9919252 PDF 35.4 KB
5 U15.2.2_P_675531 PDF 48.1 KB
6 U15.2.2_I_9916471 PDF 50.0 KB
7 U15.2.2_C_40555 PDF 7.4 MB