In 2020, we filed public records requests with various police departments throughout Massachusetts, seeking information about Clearview AI, a facial recognition company. The Falmouth Police Department provided records indicating Detective Massi activated the account, tried it to make some searches, and decided that it was ill-suited for law enforcement purposes. Those searches were not recorded.

Request Submitted To Falmouth PD
Category Surveillance
Year Filed 2020
Number of Documents Received 4

We said…

Responsive Documents

# File Name File Type File Size
1 Public Records Response (records) (ACLU-MA) 04.17.20 PDF 765.0 KB
2 RE- ACLU Public Records Request[3] PDF 100.0 KB
3 RE- ACLU Public Records Request[2] PDF 76.9 KB
4 Public Records Response (records) (ACLU-MA) 04.28.20 PDF 106.3 KB