The purpose of this records request was to seek updated Fusion Center policies two years after the initial request to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Safety and Security.

Specifically, the goal was to retrieve information about:

  • Information sharing agreements between all Massachusetts cities and downs and the Fusion Center;
  • Documents and reports created by the Fusion Center’s Privacy Working Group;
  • Fusion Center operational and procedural guidelines.
Request Submitted To Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security
Category Law Enforcement
Year Filed 2010
Number of Documents Received 9

Responsive Documents

# File Name Description File Type File Size
1 CFC Brochure Commonwealth Fusion Center (CFC) Brochure PDF 831 KB
2 fusion-center-privacy-policy from web CFC Privacy Policy PDF 5.3 MB
3 Romney order establishing CFC Romney Executive Order Establishing CFC PDF 751 KB
4 CFC_attach_28CFRpart23guidelines 28 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 23 PDF  1.4 MB
5 CFC_attach_CFCbudget2005to2010 CFC Budget 2005-2010 PDF 1.2 MB
6 CFC_attach_CFCguidelinesoninvestigationsof1stamendmentactivity CFC Guidelines for Investigations into 1st Amendment Activity PDF 760 KB
7 CFC_attach_MOUchsbmspbpdkcc Multi-Agency MOU PDF 782 KB
8 CFC_attach_PWGmemos EOPSS Privacy Working Group Memos PDF 1 MB
9 CFC_attach_spendingonexercise Fiscal Receipts PDF 956 KB