The ACLU of Massachusetts regularly publishes reports based on data and documents obtained through the public records law, to inform the public and lawmakers and to advance our civil rights and civil liberties agenda.

NameDate PublishedAuthorCategory
Boston Police Department Court Overtime2020ACLUM, Progressive Mass, Councilor Ricardo Arroyo & BU Spark! LabPolice practices, fiscal responsibility
Unpacking the Boston Police Department FY21 Budget2020ACLUMPolice practices, fiscal responsibility
Facts Over Fear: The benefits of declining to prosecute misdemeanors and low-level felony offenses2019ACLUMProsecutorial practices, racial justice
Social Media Monitoring in Boston: Free Speech in the Crosshairs ↗2018ACLUMSurveillance
Beyond Sanctuary: Local Strategies for Defending Civil Liberties ↗2018ACLUM & The Century FoundationImmigration, police practices, surveillance
Inside Orders: Secrecy and Warrantless Surveillance in Massachusetts ↗2017ACLUMSurveillance
The War on Marijuana in Black and White2016ACLUMPolice practices, racial justice
Cops in the Commonwealth ↗2016ACLUMPolice practices, police militarization, surveillance
Back to the Drawing Board: Student Privacy in K-12 Massachusetts Schools ↗2015ACLUMSurveillance
Black, Brown, and Targeted ↗2015ACLUMPolice practices, racial justice
Policing Dissent: Police Surveillance of Lawful Political Activity in Boston2012ACLUM &
National Lawyers Guild (MA Chapter)
Police practices, surveillance